A washed up 70's action movie star is kidnapped, frozen and wakes up in 2019 with a hyper-advanced AI in his head. The two team up to take down the diabolical POTUS Ronald Stump.


An Original Comedy Superhero Origin Story

Introducing The Return of Stone Yeager. Stone was a 1970's Italian-American action movie star. He is tall, muscular, and beautiful, but definitely not the brightest guy. Professor Adelson, a retired physicist, built a self-aware, self-improving computer called IAN. Stone is kidnapped with the plan of making Stone and IAN one. Stone is frozen in cryosleep for 30 years and reappears in the year 2019 with a hyper-advanced IAN in the right part of his brain. Stone is faster, stronger, and better—except he’s still kind of an idiot. The highly corrupt President of the United States Ronald Stump conspires to ruin the country. Stone and IAN team up to stop him. 

The Return of Stone Yeager is an R-Rated action comedy superhero origin story.  

Check Out Stone's Filmography

Call us or email us for a copy of the screenplay. The Return of Stone Yeager is 123 pages formatted in Final Draft 10.

The production budget is $8,000,000. That’s without stars, advertising, or distribution costs. Cost analysis and shooting schedules can also be provided.

Top Picks for Casting

  • Stone Yeager

    Actor in Netflix' "The Witcher" and "The Count of Monte Cristo"

    Actor in "Smallville" and the hit movie "The Fog"

    Actor in "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night" and "Legends of Tomorrow"

    Actor in "Transformers" and "Las Vegas"

    Actor in "30 Days of Night" and "Hollywood Homicide"

    Actor in "Gigli" and "Good Will Hunting"

  • Wild Card Pick for Stone

    Star of "Borat" (SBC)

  • IAN (This is 100% voice over work.)

    Actor in the "Fast and Furious" franchise and "Boiler Room"

About Me and Creating Stone Yeager

My name is Jeff Lester and I've had writing as a hobby for years. I wrote the screenplay, designed the poster layouts and stories (Stone's Filmography), and wrote and directed the shorts. I've had Stone Yeager in my head for about the past seven years. I knew I was definitely going to write and finish a screenplay when I saw Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens in a theatre in 2015. It intrigued me that a copy of a 40-year-old movie could make 100 billion dollars. I figured I could do half as good.

After spending some time reading about screen plays and craft, I chose the songs I wanted and established the story outline in early 2018. I needed a good villain for Stone. Someone who everyone in the world could identify with. Someone who was very rich and powerful and said and did horrible things. I wanted to create a really fun bad guy. I realized the type of guy I needed after the 2016 Presidential election. Congratulations, I found my bad guy. I started typing in April 2018 and had an early draft for TROSY by October 2018.

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